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24 Sep

to be over loved or not as(under?)….hmm i have no clue i think both suck…single is better


two perceptions/outlooks and one love story

4 Mar

  There was this little girl who was walking back one day and she saw a short girl and a tall boy.This short girl was shorter than her,wearing a school uniform, looks younger from behind but has the voice of a normal teenage girl.Now, the boy was taller than her,wearing home clothes and looked his age(or so she assumed).At first,it was peaceful and the sound one could hear was the soft steps of shoes or bicycles riding pass.She looked at the two people in front, and wondered whether were they a couple or were they siblings.Then she noticed,the short strides he took (despite his long legs) in order to ensure that he was never in front, always beside.How there was one hand constantly behind her protecting her,ensuring that she was safe everytime a bicycle passed.How he kept the conversation was interesting as and when the girl demanded for him to talk due to his sudden lack of topics or perhaps words on this particular night.How he walked her home to ensure her safety despite all the cars and the lights and the constant flow of people walking either one way or the other.
It could be that either she was a school girl and he was in poly(perhaps?) and that they were in love since secondary school…and he was walking back with her after her school or just after a rather tiring day or date.And it was so sweet to continue to fetch her or just spend what little time they had despite him being able to do so many other things since it was his holiday.
But what if she was a poly student as well….would we take the same story and perceive it differently?Instead, it would be just a couple having fun or perhaps they were each other’s key to preventing boredom or they just enjoyed each other’s company.Whichever it may be,would the story be as sweet or instead be the same story everybody knows?

one phrase

24 Feb

you can’t choose who to love, but u can choose who u want to be with.

it only takes a moment

15 Feb

its from hello dolly
It only takes a moment
For your eyes to meet and then
Your heart knows in a moment
You will never be alone again

I held her for an instant
But my arms felt sure and strong
It only takes a moment
To be loved a whole life long…

I missed a few words back there, Mr Jackl. Right after ‘it only’–

[in docket]
…Takes a moment!
For your eyes to meet and then
Your heart knows in a moment
You will never be alone again

He held her for an instant
But his arms felt sure and strong
It only takes a moment–

Mrs. Molloy
He held me for an instant
But his arms felt safe and strong
It only takes a moment
To be loved a whole life long

And that is all
That love’s about

Mrs. Molloy
And we’ll recall when time runs out

That it only took a moment
To be loved a whole life long!

i wonder issit really true?cause apparently by the looks of this world it isnt…sads


2 Feb

ahhhh jap presentation is tomorrow and my memory is worse than a goldfish…poo hahahahhas ohh wells.I pray that God will help me lol…who else can i turn to, to change my memory
anyways wanted to post these pics up i’ll explain about it tomorrow or on another day p.s. if you cant tell what the topic is about at least well then i’ll have to say that you’re blurrer than me253298167_df0fc7cd60 3558300975_2bede472b8
another p.s. i absolutely love these pictures

i love you

21 Jan

kittenhug i_love_you-755604 Yack-I-love-you-54353 iloveyou-01 ab9700916a9653896b006cdce1656acb i-do-i-love-you
random search of pictures after reading anne’s post on i love you


29 Dec

2009 is nearly over….but this post isnt about what i did this year.In fact it probably has no relation to that whatsoever.hahahas I remember when i was about 8 ,i would dream and wish of what i would be doing when i was 17 and the year 2009 seemed so utterly far away.After all 9 years is alot when you’re only 8!!!hahas I would dream of jc , my bf and everything under the sun.hahahas how life has changed from my barbie dream to jazlyn’s life.Its not bad hahas i like my life but that doesnt mean i don’t wonder what issit like to have skinny stomach, legs or have super nice clothes or have like a korean drama in your life …and yes dearie the popcorn was my ABSOLUTE FAV PART TOO HAHAHAS…AND THE POPCORN TASTES NICER WHEN YOU SEE IT POPPINGG!!! 4159810179_2c37c4ebd0 I found this picture, and it reminded me of my life when i was 8 and my house kind of looks like that too.In the us anyways…hahahas Anyway the picture reminded me of real friendship and how when you’re younger the problems that seemed so big to you is now nothing but a mere spot in you’re life.Compared to the other things on you’re mind.Lols btw for those who are reading this, im not having any problems-.-

Footnote:i wonder when will the day come when i will blog about my past as a 17 yr old and what does 2010 have in store for me