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26 Mar

Xanga works better on my iPad than on my computer… Lol fail… Hahas both apple somemore. Although I wish I could turn off the dictionary feature. I guess I still don’t like it when I’m treated like I’m dumb when it comes to the things of God. I don’t think I even know like 10% of the things of him… I know I’m definitely lacking in like tons of stuff… I can tell when I read… I don’t remember things very well… But I get annoyed when I’m treated like a small kid who is dumb and ignorant when it comes to the things of Him… Although I don’t know a lot or even a little when I think about it… Hahas… I know do know a little… Don’t just assume because u are older and apparently wiser u can push me off… He teaches me things too…maybe it’s not the same amount but still… Haix irritated at the adults…not all just those who ignore what youths say because it doesn’t seem to matter since we are younger and lack the knowledge people have after going to church or school for years…


3 Mar

dont you hate it when your friend tells you that they won’t do certain things again(asking you cause you’re the only friend left or cause they dont want to do the only thing they like to do cause they would be doing the same thing over and over) and yet within a few days it gets repeated and repeated.The situation in which you got hurt in, had reappeared and there is no one to tell,no one to listen only a friend who just treats you the way they promised they wouldn’t.So what happens next?do you believe your friend and know that it wasnt on purpose or do you get angry and just ignore the person or not treat the person nicely?