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16 Jan

hahahas feeling fat, getting fatter, ahhhh must stopp eating!!!lols i shall and i will not fully but definitely ALOTTT less.Even if it makes me sadd…hahahahas then i shall get skinner hahahas not skinny..I think thats impossible.But skinner i cannn hahahahs!!


did you ever feel fat?

5 Jan

fat bike sm
Did you ever feel like this?(look above)…Well was feeling like that yesterday.If you’re still blur and do not undertsand what i mean….let me help you….FATTTTT hahahahhas.Felt just fat and biggie in size.Like everything you touch and eat will turn into big bags of fat that will stay in your body foreverr.Especially since i dont exercise,believe me that affects me alott hahahas constantly thinking of how much fat there is.I still eat it anyway of course i absolutely love all the fatty foods but there is still there ‘you are gaining……’although i have a bummed look i am quite amused by the picture and this post.hehehes

footnote :shall eat less this week