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27 Feb

hahas today i went shopping!!!with yvonne !! hahas smiley face
okay anyway my main point isnt about shopping but rather a rather special bear… He can talk to you and ignore you if you dont answer his questions. SERIOUSS!!!Honestly, he really is a very special bear and he is a constant reminder of my friendship.We started visiting this bear every year a few years back.This was a constant stop and a place where laughter filled the air,joyous tones and warm smiles…(by both the bear and us)but now, the bear is not sold in the toys’rus that we went to

p.s. must find that bear…hehes


27 Jan

if you can guess this song, you’ll know im feeling a little childish
Some boys can waltz.

Some guys can groove.

Strike an elegant pose.

Wear the really hip clothes.

Some seem to have no faults.

But we never like those.

No, we don’t.

He’ll praise your eyes.

Your melodious laugh.

Call you more lovely than others by half.

The one who’s right.

My gorgeous prince.

Will be honest and true.

He’ll believe in me, too.

And prize your heart of gold the way I do.

hahahas i fell in love with this song AGAINNNNN…ohh wells i guess i shall just have to enjoy my childhood

kid wishlist

11 Jan

hahahas call me a kid if you must, but i have several wishes..so here it is
1.i want to visit all the disneylands, universal studios,disneyworld in the world
disneyland paris_1195132957
2.i want to eat the chocolate i ate today…its super nice some cadbury chocolate with raspberry and vanilla flavouring
3.i want to ski again and like ski for a few days till im sick of it and drink hot chocolate
4.do another jigsaw puzzle and must have a disney character(no i dont mean the jonas brothers or miley i mean like winnie the pooh or mickey mouse and the gang)
hahahas…wheee i hope to accomplish this mann