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God, thought

14 Jun

love- when you go on a mission trip and you truly love them, a part of you gets left behind. Does love mean arts and crafts, games and pictures? I have absolutely no clue. I suppose so, but a part of me wonders does it really? How many people remember oh so and so came and played with me? What makes me as a christian stand out from the rest in the things that i do?

I was looking through hundreds of photos today, and believe me hundreds of photos of the same event is boring, but God appearing in those pictures was what made me excited. I guess thats my answer for my question. Thanks Daddy….

Jazlyn out



12 Jun

i have a ton of things running through my mind… whether or not it’ll come to pass is another thing. I am learning things i have never dreamed of learning, but i am also not learning things that i thought i would be learning. My expectations are sometimes my greatest failures. 

single till im 26…

12 Jun

i have a goal… erm but im not sure if i will achieve it yet but i will try. I want to stay single until im 26. I think achieving it will be quite simple as long as i stick to my goal. I know im not some super attractive person, in fact im really really ordinary, but as much as i want a love found in my dramas, i want to be single until i’m 26. Hopefully i wont be single for life, but i do want to be single for now. I’m single on paper, but it doesnt feel like it. Maybe its time for me to let go… and catch on to the new wave. 


guilt tripped

7 May

Today i became a bitch without even trying to be mean… I was planning on going to buy things after my lunch simply because i wanted to eat the food from home especially since i had diarrhea. I had it all planned out. Then my co-worker wanted to buy it with me during lunch. But he only asked me if i wanted to go eat lunch to which i replied i brought my food. Then he said that he had wanted to buy the food items. So i said that i’ll go buy with him then i’ll just eat later. He said no that it was ok. He was being nice lol really. He went to buy the things. But in all honesty… i really wasnt trying to push it to him… but now i feel like i became mean when i wasnt even planning to….. lol talk about guilt tripped

random qn and ans

3 May

 If God were to ask you what you wanted, what is it that you would ask for?


like I think that if I really had to choose than I would just ask for Daddy’s presence to be with me everywhere I go, never leave me. Cause idk like if I had a choice… you know hahahahs I want to be wise, kind and understand and have favor and everything hahas im a greedy person but most of all I really would want His presence with me, resting on me, filling me up everywhere I go. If i’m everything else but He isnt with me then i would rather not. It isnt a worth while trade, since i think i make a lot of mistakes and everything but if He is with me then everything will always be ok in the end. Even if there are problems for a little while. 


3 May

can we be in a place so long that we are numb to the presence of God in that specific place? 

do all christians automatically become servants? I know we are suppose to be but do we choose to be or is it like you have no choice?

i have one more but i cant rmb

hebrews 12

30 Apr

Hebrews 12

fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.NIV

looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, NKJV

Looking away [from all that will distract] to Jesus, Who is the Leader and the Source of our faith [giving the first incentive for our belief] and is also its Finisher [bringing it to maturity and perfection] AMP

I don’t understand it…but its cool… Shall explore it further. Want to ask someone to explain it to me.


29 Apr

hebrews 10:14 For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy. NIV

hebrews 10:14 For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified. NKJV

I read the commentaries and it said that 

 he has perfected them forever: That is, has done all that was needful in order to their full reconciliation with God.

Isn’t it funny that it doesnt say sinners. That by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are sinners? 

That one sacrifice he has done all that was needful in order to their full reconciliation with God, those who are being made holy. idk what does this even mean…. 


I surrender all to you

27 Apr

I am still learning but i have 3 stories to share. I surrender all to you my taxi ride. When i did my taxi came and i reached church at 1:01pm! 1 minute late and alot of people weren’t there yet. 

I surrendered my driving lessons and you took it and gave someone the lesson. Although i still lost the money and the lesson couldnt be used because they would allow when i learnt to surrender everything fell into place. I knew where i was suppose to go. The airport to send my dad n aunt off. 

I surrendered my driving lesson, for me to get the recommendation to apply for my driving test i needed 2 lessons but when i surrendered to you you gave it to me anyways. Despite my poor driving. 

I thank you. I surrender tmr’s worship to you. I’m starting one song and I’m terrified and i can’t remember the harmonies so i surrender tmr’s worship to you. I pray that you come. And work through my mistakes but to behonest i also don’t want to screw up tmr. But i surrender it all to u and you help me to surrender. Jesus you are all that i need and more than enough for me.

meetings —

25 Apr

Sugar coating words are easy, being politically correct is even easier but it will never be something that i want to become.