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9 May

I haven’t posted here in a long time… All cause Sarah wrote me a comment that i was reminded of my blog 🙂 Talk about perfect timing. I’m officially ending on the 31st of May. With 6 days of leave LOL! Anyways i dont really know how that works out but i don’t have much use for it anyways. I’ll have 2 months of HOLIDAYS! Happiness. I do think my brain is tired.
But i was talking to God today in my toilett as usual. But He taught me something about myself that I’ve always known but never knew how much of an impact it made in my life. FUN. I LOVE FUN. THINGS HAVE TO BE FUN. I’m not talking about games but it has to be enjoyable and if it’s not i find it very hard to support it.

Its not a strength or a weakness but it is a major part of my character. #propheticartmonthly#announcers.

Thought…closing of slightly more than a yr

2 Aug

I will never regret my internship. I have learnt so much, and see God’s love and grace and mercy overflowing in the bible even in genesis. I now have a clearer picture of things that i could never understand. I see his wonderful imagination overflowing in genesis and it leaves me in awe. 

Will i work here some day? Maybe, depends on my posting if i do become a pastor. 🙂 

The bible is absolutely amazing and when you become interested in all the different parts of the bible like genesis for example, it’ll still tell who God is. It will show his grace, love and mercy. I have seen many who are, but I have also seen many who arent interested in alot of the books of the bible. But when we cease to be interested in books other than the 4 gospels and Acts and perhaps a few of the more popular books of the NT our picture of who God isnt as big and wonderful and amazing. He doesnt stop being amazing simply because we don’t learn some of books but i do think that our picture isnt as big as what it could be.

So lesson for today? The more i learn, the more i have fallen in love with my Great Big Daddy. So continue learning and continue sharing.  



26 Jul

think i have got to get this accountability thing out of my system. God i release all my frustrations out to u. Amen!


26 Jul

does a title increase your accountability as a person? i dont think so…neither does your age if you are only 4 years older than me. 

When will i be old enough?

16 Jul

When will i be old enough? I wonder. 

Is it my age? I wonder.

Is it my lack of wisdom and understanding? I wonder. 

Is it because i’m not smart enough to you? I wonder. 

Is it because i’m not a mentee but a child? I wonder. 

When will i be old enough? Hopefully soon. 


12 Jul

Im not a person who has a thousand and one close friends, but when you do manage to enter my tiny circle i will promise you its worth all that hard work. 

Because it means that I was worth it to you. So you gain my friendship and all that comes with it. It means that ten years down the road I’ll still remember you and talk to you and buy you presents. But we have to get somewhere first. 

Hope and Faith

7 Jul

Hope is an expectation. 

Faith is the assurance that it will come to pass. Knowing that it will. 

Faith is the ….. quite cool i never saw evidence that way. That faith is the evidence of things not seen… Hahahas not much explanation here though but mindblown in my mind. 

heb 11:1 

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. NASB

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. KJV

Faith is the assurance that the expectations of the promises of God will come to pass? 

Hope is an expectation of knowing that who God is 

Expectation: to look forward to, AWAIT

basic for expecting:assurance 

hope: to cherish a desire with anticipation; to desire with expectation of obtainment; to expect with confidence

There are many things that i dont understand but time for me to swallow and chew on this today. See what processing with my Daddy in Heaven can do.


Fiery love, warm embrace

26 Jun

Fiery love, warm embrace that is what my Big Daddy in heaven is made out of. I do love that phrase actually… think it just describes the passion and love and type of loving person my Daddy God is. smiley face

wedding dreams

24 Jun

It doesnt take a genius to tell me my dream wedding isn’t going to be realised any time soon, but it doesnt mean a girl can’t dream right? Sighs… weddings. Its not really about the man is it. Its about your dream as a little girl walking down the aisle in a absolutely drop dead gorgeous dress with all your best friends celebrating it with you. Not to mention the ring and the feast that you will be having afterwards. The little video that shows your photos, ones that you took in your beautiful dress with a man that may not look like your husband after all the powdering. But the prettiest photos you’ve ever taken with dreams that have been around before your spouse even came along. That is the wedding. 

Its not the future of married life nor the thought of having kids but its your childhood dream being accomplished. Where you look and feel and become a real princess, where it is suppose to become your doorway into what might be. Suddenly i feel like i am 10 again, in church camp buying all the cheap make-up with my best friends and having fun imagining our mature us with everything perfected and totally in control. Where the best guys that you could ever imagine will drop at your doorstep just waiting for the day you were born. Hahas talk about perfect, but we were dreaming… Dream weddings where nothing could go wrong, and everything is just absolutely perfect. 

Fast forward a few years later, my new goal is to be single until i’m 26 but whenever i watch a wedding movie i’m being brought back to my childhood where dream weddings and korean dramas go hand in hand. I still can dream 🙂


24 Jun


Two thoughts today, one cute and one not so cute.

First one… the journey of liking someone is sometimes more exciting than the journey of being in a relationship. Its one thought of what may be and the journey of seeing him for the first time smiling and paying attention to you and thinking that everything that happens is about you and him. Welllllls it’s not about me 🙂 its about young love one in my family group and the other in another family group. Absolutely cute and i have a friend who is watching the love story unfold with me 🙂

But i do hope that they will get together in the future. Because when you talk to them you can really tell its beyond looks and about their character. 

Second thought. To be honest i forgot hahahahas But i am wondering what if i cant fit in in both churches? Then what? I float around? Sighs Maybe fit in isnt the right word, its more of what if i can’t find a clique.