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9 May

I haven’t posted here in a long time… All cause Sarah wrote me a comment that i was reminded of my blog 🙂 Talk about perfect timing. I’m officially ending on the 31st of May. With 6 days of leave LOL! Anyways i dont really know how that works out but i don’t have much use for it anyways. I’ll have 2 months of HOLIDAYS! Happiness. I do think my brain is tired.
But i was talking to God today in my toilett as usual. But He taught me something about myself that I’ve always known but never knew how much of an impact it made in my life. FUN. I LOVE FUN. THINGS HAVE TO BE FUN. I’m not talking about games but it has to be enjoyable and if it’s not i find it very hard to support it.

Its not a strength or a weakness but it is a major part of my character. #propheticartmonthly#announcers.