wedding dreams

24 Jun

It doesnt take a genius to tell me my dream wedding isn’t going to be realised any time soon, but it doesnt mean a girl can’t dream right? Sighs… weddings. Its not really about the man is it. Its about your dream as a little girl walking down the aisle in a absolutely drop dead gorgeous dress with all your best friends celebrating it with you. Not to mention the ring and the feast that you will be having afterwards. The little video that shows your photos, ones that you took in your beautiful dress with a man that may not look like your husband after all the powdering. But the prettiest photos you’ve ever taken with dreams that have been around before your spouse even came along. That is the wedding. 

Its not the future of married life nor the thought of having kids but its your childhood dream being accomplished. Where you look and feel and become a real princess, where it is suppose to become your doorway into what might be. Suddenly i feel like i am 10 again, in church camp buying all the cheap make-up with my best friends and having fun imagining our mature us with everything perfected and totally in control. Where the best guys that you could ever imagine will drop at your doorstep just waiting for the day you were born. Hahas talk about perfect, but we were dreaming… Dream weddings where nothing could go wrong, and everything is just absolutely perfect. 

Fast forward a few years later, my new goal is to be single until i’m 26 but whenever i watch a wedding movie i’m being brought back to my childhood where dream weddings and korean dramas go hand in hand. I still can dream 🙂


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