24 Jun


Two thoughts today, one cute and one not so cute.

First one… the journey of liking someone is sometimes more exciting than the journey of being in a relationship. Its one thought of what may be and the journey of seeing him for the first time smiling and paying attention to you and thinking that everything that happens is about you and him. Welllllls it’s not about me 🙂 its about young love one in my family group and the other in another family group. Absolutely cute and i have a friend who is watching the love story unfold with me 🙂

But i do hope that they will get together in the future. Because when you talk to them you can really tell its beyond looks and about their character. 

Second thought. To be honest i forgot hahahahas But i am wondering what if i cant fit in in both churches? Then what? I float around? Sighs Maybe fit in isnt the right word, its more of what if i can’t find a clique. 


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