I surrender all to you

27 Apr

I am still learning but i have 3 stories to share. I surrender all to you my taxi ride. When i did my taxi came and i reached church at 1:01pm! 1 minute late and alot of people weren’t there yet. 

I surrendered my driving lessons and you took it and gave someone the lesson. Although i still lost the money and the lesson couldnt be used because they would allow when i learnt to surrender everything fell into place. I knew where i was suppose to go. The airport to send my dad n aunt off. 

I surrendered my driving lesson, for me to get the recommendation to apply for my driving test i needed 2 lessons but when i surrendered to you you gave it to me anyways. Despite my poor driving. 

I thank you. I surrender tmr’s worship to you. I’m starting one song and I’m terrified and i can’t remember the harmonies so i surrender tmr’s worship to you. I pray that you come. And work through my mistakes but to behonest i also don’t want to screw up tmr. But i surrender it all to u and you help me to surrender. Jesus you are all that i need and more than enough for me.


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