In search of timothy

15 Apr

Are you the kind of church member you would desire to have if you were the pastor? In what ways? 

Hahahas when i read the question, my mind went shit. Lol and a huge nope was written on the book. I was doing in search of timothy. I’ve always had alot of if i was the pastor….. and that isn’t a good thing. I wouldn’t want myself as a church member either. I would want a church member that runs with my dreams and visions and follows me and has faith in me and my decisions to know that I am trying to listen to God every step of the way. Someone that Rah rahs with me!Someone that loves God even more than me!Hahas but that being said i also want to love God and want Him to expand my heart and my love for Him. SOO I want to change. I don’t think it will be easy, but it will be good. Inward transformation that cant always be seen on the outside but God knows your heart. 


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