Trackers 2013

7 Apr

Three months ago, i started on a short but nevertheless amazing journey with 9 other people. We are called sparrow force! I have learnt soo much from my entire team and God as well. But i think i am getting too far ahead, so let me backtrack. I attended trackers in 2009, and to be honest i never thought i would go back again much less as an mentor. I wondered how would a 21 year old person mentor people around her age. Aren’t mentors suppose to be older and wiser so as to guide them? I’m not sure how much wiser i was as compared to the rest of my team, but i was definitely helped in the bimboness and amusement department. 

But the people i got to know over the three months were amazing and I hope that the friendships I’ve made will last. There were 2 other mentors besides me, ken and rudy. Each of us had a specific role and i wouldnt have it any other way. Rudy led the group (chionged in front), ken took care of the group from the back and i was in the middle running along side them. Both ken and rudy are 2 of the wisest people i have met and i have great respect for them and their love for youths has taught me so many things. Their wisdom and they how they are able to steer the team in the right direction is amazing and I love their heart for God. 

Next 2 are benji and kyle, both my age and smart. First time i have seen people my age say “this doesnt feel right” or “lets ask God” and depend totally on Him. They have taught me love and acceptance by the way they love the team. Especially seeing the way they take one step back to let zii wen lead. RESPECT…They will always be my “brothers” lol. I remember when i first met them, i was thinking how am i suppose to be their mentor. Hahas i know they were thinking the same thing too! hahas u guys weren’t the only ones! But three months later, with alot of bonding time of course im glad God gave me the chance to meet them. (hahas only benji knows my blog)

After that comes the 19 year olds, Douglas Theo and Colette. Doug is the only guy who can tease me without me getting angry. We shall be fat together! Hahas I enjoyed talking to you especially the time at starbucks and i am amazed at how God speaks to you so clearly using scriptures. When i first met you, your face was so stoned then as you began to open up, it was like a whole new guy emerged! Hahas i want to meet your wife one day… Hahas see if she makes you a sandwich and fulfills your criteria! Colette was someone whom became my roomie and got to hear all the supernatural things! Hahas my dear aunty…i shall see you in pmc soon! They way you are trying to listen to God and let Him lead has impacted me. Not to mention seeing how much your faith has grown! Theo…hahas you still have my dvds and you owe me a letter and a trip to river safari! I have learnt soo much from seeing her level of faith and how much she is in love with God! Not to mention the fact that she does QT daily. Lol something which im failing at… hahas Your love for God has made mine grown… I remember how hard it was for us to connect at first, until that day after i came back from my staff retreat to bangkok. Then we managed to click better.

Last 2 is sarah and zii wen. Sarah is 18, but her child-likeness is amazing. I hope she remains childlike for God because her simple faith and the way she listens to God especially when it comes to interacting with children is mind blowing. She listens to God then does what He tells her and she connects with the children. She has such an unending fountain of love when it comes to them. Lastly, its the team leader zii wen. When i first met Him, all he did was sleep and look dao and stoned. I remember trying to initiate a conversation with Him on the first lunch we had as a team on tuesday. It was one of those conversations where you have to work really hard to break the ice. Now I have been amused by his antics and completely blown away by his faith. How he prays and God just grants it man… hahas amazing. 

This is my team, and my journey with them was amazing. The trip was a God led trip, no agenda just follow His heart. Every morning we would pray and every decision that we made we would pray. God just led. i told God when i started trackers, i wanted to be on a trip where He led. And i got to go on such a trip. God led the way and it was beyond my expectations. He wasnt just there, He got to lead and we got to follow. This was truly a journey of faith and we had such a slack schedule. Which was another thing that i loved! This is definitely a trip for the books. I will definitely be keeping in touch and I want to go back to east timor someday


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