thoughts for today

27 Mar

Grace- is something that I don’t understand but something that I have received 

U can’t give what u don’t have – if we don’t have love we can’t give love. So it needs to be an inward transformation resulting in an outward action. If u have received His love only then can u give away His love. Resulting in an outward action. 

Impartation- you can only impart to others what you have… But we are given all spiritual gifts… But doesn’t mean you have taken it.

Somebody gives u but doesn’t mean you have it… It simply means its within your reach meant for you…but you have to take it before you can have it. 
God gave us all things … Spiritual things too… But if we don’t take it’ll still be hanging there and it won’t be ours. It has our name and it is meant for us but its not in our hands yet.


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