27 Mar

i decided to write on my ideal proposal this afternoon because my trackers member benji said my blog has been very emo lately. So decided to write a fun post. After really thinking about it, my ideal proposal is where he prepares a picnic and we eat it overlooking marina bay and the flyer at night hahas and we watch fireworks. How the fireworks come about, i do not know… hahas it can be like little mini sparklers or a full blown fireworks display. Then after all that happens He can propose! hahas 

The picnic must be a ten course meal but all prepared by Him. Preferrably fusion, i want abit of jap and chinese and western and german and french if possible. Like each meal is a different type of cusine. hehes (i’m dreaming away in office) And he cannot hide the ring in the food, somehow i dont really see the point of hiding it in the food and getting the nice expensive ring all dirty. LOL. 

Hahas benji if u read this post u can tell me your thoughts on it lol… after tues when theo said that she wanted her husband to propose to her after doing the iron man thingy. After thinking about it, proposing in the rain is only sweet in the dramas because of the background music and the guy looks good lol and if they confess like in playful kiss then its soo romantic. But erm if not i wouldnt want that proposal. 


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