its ok…respect

19 Mar

I’ve had a struggle with this lately. I thought that i had already learnt my lesson on respecting authority but i have come to realise that i haven’t. I am now faced with trying to respect a person with absolutely no reason why i should respect him other than he is my immediate boss. He is someone whom i do not admire and hope that one day i will not become like him. Nor do i like what he is doing now. Harddd 

I need to learn how to respect and honor a person. Not just people whom have earned my respect but more of those whom haven’t. These people are placed in a position above me and so i need to learn how to respect them and honor them in the position that they have been placed. 

I was reflecting why i find it so hard and i realised that if they dont do things wisely or fairly or not love the people whom they have been given authority over then i will want to protect the ‘people’. That has been my character, stick with me long enough and you will see that side of me. But God has also taught me the phrase ‘its ok’, to trust in Him and in whatever He is doing and it will be ok. He is protecting them in His own special way. So it’s ok… 


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