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thought no. 2

27 Mar

17 But whoever is united with the Lord is one with him in spirit.- bible gateway NIV… cool. I have never heard of that verse before to be honest but when i realised it is in the bible. MIND BLOWN

thoughts for today

27 Mar

Grace- is something that I don’t understand but something that I have received 

U can’t give what u don’t have – if we don’t have love we can’t give love. So it needs to be an inward transformation resulting in an outward action. If u have received His love only then can u give away His love. Resulting in an outward action. 

Impartation- you can only impart to others what you have… But we are given all spiritual gifts… But doesn’t mean you have taken it.

Somebody gives u but doesn’t mean you have it… It simply means its within your reach meant for you…but you have to take it before you can have it. 
God gave us all things … Spiritual things too… But if we don’t take it’ll still be hanging there and it won’t be ours. It has our name and it is meant for us but its not in our hands yet.


27 Mar

i decided to write on my ideal proposal this afternoon because my trackers member benji said my blog has been very emo lately. So decided to write a fun post. After really thinking about it, my ideal proposal is where he prepares a picnic and we eat it overlooking marina bay and the flyer at night hahas and we watch fireworks. How the fireworks come about, i do not know… hahas it can be like little mini sparklers or a full blown fireworks display. Then after all that happens He can propose! hahas 

The picnic must be a ten course meal but all prepared by Him. Preferrably fusion, i want abit of jap and chinese and western and german and french if possible. Like each meal is a different type of cusine. hehes (i’m dreaming away in office) And he cannot hide the ring in the food, somehow i dont really see the point of hiding it in the food and getting the nice expensive ring all dirty. LOL. 

Hahas benji if u read this post u can tell me your thoughts on it lol… after tues when theo said that she wanted her husband to propose to her after doing the iron man thingy. After thinking about it, proposing in the rain is only sweet in the dramas because of the background music and the guy looks good lol and if they confess like in playful kiss then its soo romantic. But erm if not i wouldnt want that proposal. 


25 Mar

To be honest… i really want a part timer. hahas it prevents me from feeling bad if we dont meet up and makes me want to find friends to fill up my nights. But no one will want to be your part timer unless He is actually interested in you. In which case, it actually defeats the purpose. Sighs. 


21 Mar

Don’t give what you don’t have and teach what you do not know. Honestly its true… 


20 Mar

Sometimes i wonder why do i want to end up being in a high position despite knowing the conflicts, struggles and the fact that you have everyone below you not respecting you. Its not pretty nor is it decent but i want to make a change. I want to be in a position where i can make a difference, where what i say can be turned into results. 

I’m not sure exactly what i want…not totally sure yet but for now…sleep

hahas still stuck at lvl 86! tmr try again!

its ok…respect

19 Mar

I’ve had a struggle with this lately. I thought that i had already learnt my lesson on respecting authority but i have come to realise that i haven’t. I am now faced with trying to respect a person with absolutely no reason why i should respect him other than he is my immediate boss. He is someone whom i do not admire and hope that one day i will not become like him. Nor do i like what he is doing now. Harddd 

I need to learn how to respect and honor a person. Not just people whom have earned my respect but more of those whom haven’t. These people are placed in a position above me and so i need to learn how to respect them and honor them in the position that they have been placed. 

I was reflecting why i find it so hard and i realised that if they dont do things wisely or fairly or not love the people whom they have been given authority over then i will want to protect the ‘people’. That has been my character, stick with me long enough and you will see that side of me. But God has also taught me the phrase ‘its ok’, to trust in Him and in whatever He is doing and it will be ok. He is protecting them in His own special way. So it’s ok…