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21 Jan

Right now my thought process is still changing i guess. Instead of trying to change the system. Why not keep the system the same but do something that changes the culture. The system isn’t a problem, both systems are fine and in fact both systems may end up having the same problems because the people stay the same and only the system changes.

Redefining youth culture

19 Jan

I’m not trying to change the whole world…I just want to show like 10 people whom God has put on my heart to push them into it cause they are ready. God i’ve started asking…if its time please let everything fall into place. if its not i can always postpone it. It doesnt matter. I just want to follow your timing as much as I wish it could happen now…


18 Jan

male dominated work areas are not my thing… dislike it…makes you feel like the odd one out…

Pass it on

7 Jan

10:51 am tuesday 8 of jan 2013

I want to try something, problem is I dont know how to go about doing it but i’ll try. Its called pass it on.

The purpose to show God’s love. I know that we can do many things to show that Jesus loves the people around us, outreach, give food…etc. But i want to try praying for people especially strangers, by praying for healing it can be emotion or physical and fill them with God’s love and t reach out with and in power. I shall try although right now I’m terrified I’ll get rejected. But even if i fail at least i dared to try… Day one…reporting back later

over and out


7 Jan

Godly sorrow leads to repentance but ungodly sorrow leads to guilt. Making us feel that we are unworthy and don’t deserve his grace. People always say we don’t deserve his grace but we get it and that’s how much God loves us. Now I’m honestly wondering if we do deserve it not because we are great but because he loves us. So it turns us from undeserving to deserving people. Thought for the day.

There are times when I felt guilty about it but not anymore. Recently I was thinking over my actions for the past 2 years and while there have been times that I have regretted and wondered if I(we) was wrong.But if it was someone younger, I would have encouraged them because they dared to take the risk. 

I have also heard about other people agreeing with me(us) and it has been a great encouragement to me. So no more guilt!


6 Jan

i feel so exhausted after trying to make friends with people… I’m trying to but i’m wondering when will i ever get a community here or fit in. Will it be within my one year left as a youth intern? I should join the many different cells to see i suppose but because of all the changes that happen to them year after year their real groups only come out during service and lunch and not during tribe. I could force my members to eat lunch with me but seeing that they have their own groups I dont really want to force them to. Trying to integrate into this everchanging system is not something that i enjoy. All the different groups and different people is hard. All the different cliques that are separated during tribe so it means that for new people its very hard to fit in. 

I know that while I am right where I am suppose to be, I am wondering what am I suppose to do here. God???? help?????


3 Jan

Question for the day: Do we need a place to go?

Second question

I’m questioning why are youth directors abit old not in terms of age…..