17 Dec

hahas finally came back to work…not that i have alot to do… i do have stuff but i cant do it cause eman isnt here. anyways told myself to start reading the bible again! lolll i may be in love with God but its still hard for me to read the bible. hahas but when i start i cant stop! hehes… anyways today i read esther and erm job…well sorta i read till it become the poems thing then i fast forward till the end. Job and esther are seriously cool people. Job is this totally righteous guy who didnt do anything wrong n had tons of wealth and stuff and a happy family and was honestly good n blameless in God’s eyes. Then suddenly BOOM his flocks get destroyed, his family gets killed and then he gets sicknesses. The first few parts he was like dont blame God, He is awesome and then job turned a little bit… buttttt he repented and God gave him twice as much as he had in livestock and  he got children again same number too… buttt his girls were the prettiest women in all the land. n he got to live to see his children and grandchildren for 4 generations. isnt that awesome!

satan had to get permission to touch job… he went to God told him what he wanted to do to Job, first time he went u can do anything just dont touch him… then the second time satan wanted to touch him so had to get permission from God…God went okay just dont kill him… and he had to listen how awesome is that!… 


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