Today feels like a crappy morning

7 Dec

Today feels like a crappy morning… nothing good has happened…after 10 o clock. First of all i had a dream about where my money was then it wasnt there… feeling soo cheated… then i rushed to church in hopes of doing my video only to find out that ralph isnt here…so i cant even do the video at all which is the only reason im here soo early… if not i can actually rest at home… but thanks to someone i had to do a video which i dont have the videos of n it has to be in someone else computer so not only can’t i h=make a new video since i rushed all the way here i cant even edit the old one. and i dont have any more time after this…n i called but he isnt answering damn…. i feel so annoyed right now… so pissed off at the video that i cant do and the money that i lost. 


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