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21 Dec

I’m lost…terribly lost unsure of where to go and what to do…and who i am. I know it looks like i know but i don’t.  


19 Dec

wishing i had interns my own age…funny but ya…

Jesus culture book

18 Dec

We must understand that we dont need to strive to convince God, but prayer is simply an act of aligning our hearts with our Father- who is ready and willing to show up! He longs to respond. pg 143 and 144


18 Dec

Many ppl think that the christian life is a bunch of nos. Much of our discipleship has been based on teaching people how to say no. Then Danny explains that the christian life was never meant to be a stream of nos. It is an overwhelming yes to Jesus that resounds in our spirits and drowns out all other options. pg 121 n 122… Jesus Culture(book)


17 Dec

hahas finally came back to work…not that i have alot to do… i do have stuff but i cant do it cause eman isnt here. anyways told myself to start reading the bible again! lolll i may be in love with God but its still hard for me to read the bible. hahas but when i start i cant stop! hehes… anyways today i read esther and erm job…well sorta i read till it become the poems thing then i fast forward till the end. Job and esther are seriously cool people. Job is this totally righteous guy who didnt do anything wrong n had tons of wealth and stuff and a happy family and was honestly good n blameless in God’s eyes. Then suddenly BOOM his flocks get destroyed, his family gets killed and then he gets sicknesses. The first few parts he was like dont blame God, He is awesome and then job turned a little bit… buttttt he repented and God gave him twice as much as he had in livestock and  he got children again same number too… buttt his girls were the prettiest women in all the land. n he got to live to see his children and grandchildren for 4 generations. isnt that awesome!

satan had to get permission to touch job… he went to God told him what he wanted to do to Job, first time he went u can do anything just dont touch him… then the second time satan wanted to touch him so had to get permission from God…God went okay just dont kill him… and he had to listen how awesome is that!… 

Today feels like a crappy morning

7 Dec

Today feels like a crappy morning… nothing good has happened…after 10 o clock. First of all i had a dream about where my money was then it wasnt there… feeling soo cheated… then i rushed to church in hopes of doing my video only to find out that ralph isnt here…so i cant even do the video at all which is the only reason im here soo early… if not i can actually rest at home… but thanks to someone i had to do a video which i dont have the videos of n it has to be in someone else computer so not only can’t i h=make a new video since i rushed all the way here i cant even edit the old one. and i dont have any more time after this…n i called but he isnt answering damn…. i feel so annoyed right now… so pissed off at the video that i cant do and the money that i lost. 

God heals

1 Dec

Be healed in Jesus name! Honestly Other than commanding it pain to go and like disease leave im wondering do we really need to say such long prayers… with soooo many rules and complications. I was told there that india is a different level from cebu…but to me the question is why? i mean there may be more of their gods and like more adults but i have the same God the same guy that grants my requests in cebu and in india and everywhere else in the world. Its still him and not me… So my God heals… and everyone can do it. Because our names are written in heaven so because of that we are a part of him and Jesus has given all authority and power to his body. so Be healed in Jesus name and Pain GO!Be filled up with my daddy’s love.