29 Nov

i dont think im a processing type of person… i try to i guess but always end up not processing very much. To be absolutely honest i went on this trip not knowing what i wanted or what would happen except for the fact that we can go do tons of healings. Hahas… lol i should think more… anyways im thinking about it now… There were many people that i prayed for that werent healed like those with polio or blind left eye or paralysis. I was and still am sad. I dont get why, like did i do something wrong? or was it the other person? or just wasnt suppose to happen? like why??? still dont have much of an answer but i still dream for a day that every person whom i pray for gets healed. its not so much that ohhh i pray so they get healed cause at the end of the day its not me anyways. But then there is always such joy when someone gets healed. Cause it means they get to be normal no more pain or suffering in their bodies. hahas I want that day to come… meanwhile i pray for more boldness Daddy…if not i wont dare to pray for the people i see in the malls and stuff. But scared u know…after they dont get healed. i mean if they dont get healed in india i’ll never see them again… but if they dont get healed here i’ll bump into them another time. So God will u take away my fear and give me boldness to step out in faith. thanks God! love u! muacks !hahas But i thank u for the many people that u did heal through me! all the back pains and leg pains all gone in Jesus name!! hahahs still remember this little boy on the 3rd night of ministry he came up to ask me to ray for his family to get back together and for them to live in happiness and harmony cause his parents were divorced… i was like God how to pray?? so i just prayed for God to grant him the desires of his heart…cause i didnt know how to pray then on the last night during the jesus festival km n i were praying for this guy with right side of brain got some probs n thn his left side body ache something like that thn after he prayed the first time pain was still there n thn he asked me to pray thn imy mind went blank like all the normal things i usually say all gone all i could think of n said was Be healed in Jesus Name and the pain left n idk the guy like could move his arm or aiya something lah cant rmb. thn km n i prayed for this lady on the third night? with arm pain n she couldnt move her arms and like cant rmb if got rash thn we prayed thn she got back her mobility of her arms and the pain left! thn there was this guy ahahahs i’ll never forget him cause like could tell his pain left him. He got leg pain in both knees and couldnt bend with it hurting thn after we prayed like twice the pain left cause when he bent down to try he stayed for awhile thn got back up thn try again thn got back up with this huge smile on his face and the interpreter told us all no more pain cause we asked the interpreter to ask the guy. another guy with leg pain also no more thn got this guy whose foot was injured n totally wrapped up n he had like leg pains n headache thn after we prayed he could walk faster but we werent sure if the pain was all gone although the interpreter said it did…hahahs anyways Thanks God!! and i remember during this house visit we got to pray for this lady with back problem thn the pain left her too!! and she was a rather elderly lady!!hehehes there were many others whose pains left i remember on second night? i prayed with km at first thn cause the interpreter asked me to pray for a lady so i prayed thn end up praying alone thn also prayed for others leg pain too thn the pain left!! there were others with back pain left!! hahas i cant remember each one but it was fun!!Ps lynette put muddddd on the guy eyes and he could see!!!! jon and i were both thinking about doing that the day before but when we went back to find the lady she was gone haix…hahhas nevermind another one will come!third night i was praying with km but thn got separated it was like just pray twice like each guy pray twice thn the second time the pain would be totally gone from a little bit left to totally gone!!! thn also prayed for stomach pain for this lady gone… that was the night with the little boy…

also prayed for a lady to have children during house visit…also prayed for studies….some house visit with the lady with the back pain…the elderly one! gone!! hahahahs the more i write the more excited i get!yuppp there was also a little baby 25 days old whose tumor disappeared wooo!!! also a man who legs from being bent went like 90% straight n could stand straight n walk normally! woooo! hahahhas okies done for now!! woooo!!!!!!!! Love of God!!woooo!!! Jesus!!!! Holy Spirit!!!!!woooo!!!! stilll soooo excited hehes shall watch my drama now wooo!!!!!


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