15 Nov

A team of 10 of us went to Cebu, comprising of different ages and backgrounds. We went there to touch the people but I think it was them who changed us. I went there expecting a few miracles and saw an extremely generous God that far exceeded my expectations.  

We went there expecting to minister to the people in the slums but instead we saw God using us to minister to the ywam staff. We spent time with the ywam staff hearing their stories and encouraged by their hospitality. We prayed for their dreams to be realized and for them to be refreshed and to overflow with God’s love.

We went out to the slums and were amazed by the children’s joy and love for God. Children once again showed us the true meaning of love and faith as we prayed for their healing. We saw both children and adults being healed and God’s love transforming them made our day. Simply put, we saw God’s love in full action. These are just some of the testimonies from our 10 man team.

Healing and children’s ministry was another aspect of this trip. We saw both children and adults being healed. 


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