10 Nov

Just frustrated right now… my dad says like he has so much faith butt when i was trying the tissue he said START WITH THE SMALL COINS FIRST. like if i could swear i would… i mean like what on earth it is not even from you i dont get why do we have to start off with the smaller coins? if its really allllll about the exercising the faith then ya i guess lor start with the smaller coins before u can progress but honestly it sounds freaking dumb to me… u mean because we need to exercise faith we need to start from small-.- why not just from the one u want to do since its God who does all the work? i dont get it… i really dont get it…im super pissed off cause right now he is going around super excited but if u asked him last night he was happy that God just granted him and he didnt want to play anymore ad that he was tired of playing. WTH LAH pissed 


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