book review of Good morning Holy Spirit

8 Nov

bits that i had to take out hahas

The same Spirit that was essential for the earthly work of Christ is necessary for you. (Heb 9:14) He is indispensible. Without a doubt, the most overlooked message of the church today is that the Holy Spirit is real and we must make a place for Him. We need to know that God is greater than any demon and that only one word from Jesus destroys the devil. Just one of His angels can bind Satan in the pit rev 20:1-3. In Isaiah 59:19, this flood is actually the Holy Spirit, because in Hebrews there are no commas. It should actually be when the enemy comes in “like a flood the spirit comes against him.” God is not weak but we think we are. The reason the church and so many people in it have become so defeated is that we have ignored the most powerful person in the universe, the Holy Spirit.

Jesus glorified human body is distinct from the divine form of God the Father. But on earth Jesus was nothing less than a total man. He did not have revelation knowledge without the voice of the Spirit. He could not move unless the Holy Spirit moved Him. The fact that He did not sin does not mean that He could not. Jesus was dependent on the Spirit; He was Christ’s lifeline to the Father. It was the Holy Spirit who was the power that kept Him pure. 


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