though 6/11/12

5 Nov

 I couldnt write it in my book report since it had to link but i found it such a good point…i had to write it down somewhere…

Often we wonder should I allow the Holy Spirit to make all the decisions? After all, didn’t God give me a mind of my own? Of course He did. But what makes sense to you should also make sense to Holy Spirit. The church council at Jerusalem wrote, “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit, and to us…” Acts 15:28. When it is right it will be confirmed by the Holy Spirit, and you will know the direction to take. 

What makes sense to you should also make sense to Holy Spirit but means we gotta be in touch to know when something goes wrong and thats on our part we gotta listen and be in tune with Him. 

idk but i used to and my friends still say that we shall do something and its for His glory…there isnt anything wrong with… our actions should glorify Him. But i guess to me everytime we are making decisions and we dont consider Him and what He wants us to do then it becomes i want to do it my way but it’ll be for your glory Lord… that i disagree with and guess cause i always wondered whether to He is suppose to make all the decisions. For the past 2 years i changed my thought process on this from becoming let me do what i want and ask God to bless it to let me work in partnership with you and so you make the decisions instead of me. But its different from sitting down n just waiting we are doing it with Him and since we are in tune with Him we know what to do and when and how to do it. 


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