rant leadership retreat

28 Sep

upset today… i wasnt at first but then i found out that jon got to sit in during the peaks profiling thing and not that he was already suppose to… so found that when i asked if i could sit in the answer was NO but for him church paid for the profile and he got to sit in… which i wanted so badly to do. All the things that i desperately want to do the answers i always get are either NO or u can but only if u have nothing to do. or later then u can ask if u can do… but everything that i dont want to do im forced to do. it sucks… it really does. cause its like i wanted so badly to go but i understood that only cluster leaders and directors so i cant just go in if not then its unfair. so i was fine with it although i had nothing to do the whole entire day except for cutting of 3 pieces of paper which i asked to do….and my driving lesson…but when i found out my dad made an exception for him then it sucked…it seriously sucked…like i know my dad said he would go through with leon and i but not only issit not the same it will never happen…so basically i can nvr understand my profile nor explain it to leon because of my bias dad…people were worried that i would get favoured -.- WRONG obviously they dont know my dad well enough… even though im an intern i would nvr get the same good treatment that helps them to learn and get to watch videos and gets discussions even though he is my freakin father…. only his old interns would get it even when they arent interns and this intern will nvr get it…so honestly i dont get why people keep on asking me whats it like working with my father since i dont actually work with him and neither do i learn anything from him nor do i get special treatment or anything …i dont even get normal … i get worse… so it freakin sucks  


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