27 Sep

got really upset…not angry but upset at c theology or point of view whatever lah… she thinks that even though she plans but as long she she does it for God is correct…and im like no its not…why on earth should it be?!?! u arent letting him lead, u do everything u want to do and say its for Him. Thats exactly the kind of crap that all the other youths around and at my age and ‘leaders’ older than me are doing. Not say its worked very well -.- all their im doing for him but i want to be the one deciding. its just crap cause the only person who wins is u. and even then some times u cant win either. so pissed off with all their ‘knowledge’ like if i pray and ask God in order to help i gotta fast…like why on earth do u need to do that….just have faith tht he will answer your prayer and even if he doesnt u fast or dont fast does do anything…i believe in fasting, i know there is a purpose and a time and place but i dont think u need to fast in order to like get God to agree to your requests.  


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