23 aug – 18 sept

19 Sep

23 aug thurs 

had the first youths meeting with the Leaders comm… it was okay just like listening to them and their problems sounds alot like ympact and yet slightly different… 

did sweets for teachers day with kok wei and yong shen and went out with them and jon and km n charlene and emanuel 

24 aug fri

off day

had mission meeting… the first one… where elvin said he doesnt like talking to people which made me like er what a thing to say. didnt like the kids songs that aunty goldie and pearly chose… cause it was super old and one of them was sing hallelujah to the lord -.- and ps lynette and jon thought the same thing. 

25 aug sat

went for walk a mile… really discovered how irritating it is to get support (money) when u are poor and the gov is like i want to give it to u but come back in 3 weeks time -.- so felt really bad although i had surplus because i pawned one of my ‘jewelry’ items.

26 aug sun


had PIC CL and went for 9 am

27 aug mon 

off day

28 aug tues

at st lukes- did the foam flower

met km jon choy and emanuel to discuss youth meeting

david damien at night 

29 aug wed

photo taking

night outreach meeting and ptm and devotion

30 aug thurs

met aunty carol, she told us about childrens min and brought us out to professor brawn for lunch with km and went to hospital visit the ssk kid(hole in the heart) and talked to the mum.

31 aug  fri

choon hwee showed us his talking computer

met unc jeff and he brought us out for lunch told us about cells

mission meeting at night…intro them the whether it rains or pours and fixin my eyes on you and makin melodies with jon choy. ps lynette asked us to teach them the song

1 sep sat


2 sept sun

chinese sunday school… i taught the lesson (odysessy)

3 sept mon

off day but met covenant FSC to talk about youth drop in centre in the morning from 9:30-11:30…sian but it was also good although i got roped in to do mni olympics which got out of thanks to emanuel on like 16 sept cause he talked to aunty mary for me. 

4 sept tues

met jon to do worship in the morning. then afternoon had meeting with aunty carol and aunty mary and emanuel- had debrief over the past few weeks…was good cause i got to share and heard about emanuel sharing too. 

5 sept weds

had ptm and devotion then afternoon practiced worship songs with jon…got to know him better 

6-11 sept cebu!!! 

 12 sept weds

devotion and ptm …shared about healing during devotion 

watched the video in the afternoon…bonding and i had to talk to KM and jon choy …how i became worship leader and apparently suppose to be tribe leader later but idk how true it really is.

13 sept thurs 

roots n wings

14 sept fri

doing book report

15 sept sat

BB prata &SSK children’s day meeting

16 sept sun

went for youth service and went for MIA in the afternoon and sian lol all nothing about supernatural 

17 sept mon

off day 

18 sept

at st luke did paper birds and finished book report and met clarice instead of going for heidi baker but did the right thing cause clarice was feeling really down and wanted to go drinking


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