internship 16-21 aug 2012

21 Aug


got to sit in on the planning meeting .. found it okay 

wondered how come we never teach about moving in power in our daily lives


kris vallotton conference 

met up with pmc people


felt that i was suppose to go shopping with cathay vallotton but no clue why and neither did i really get anything out of it neither does she know me

didnt get to eat dinner with them even though i was suppose to been able to 

still cant relate nor connect to justin and bryan and yuru

felt heat on my feet-sleeping that time 


saw vision in the morning 

got to enjoy my afternoon and got gold dust 


helped out at the walk a mile booth…

got oil on my hands which leon passed to me… then we rubbed it on our faces 


off day- watched tv 

my breakfast came at 12- that upset me …so late somemore


got one gold speck on my face above my lip apparently there was 2(aunty carol said) but i only saw 1. 

felt lost at the old folks …cause i dont speak hokkien and a little bored



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