10 Aug

as promised by aunty soo hoong on the 10th of aug 2012 journal entry day one

1-2 things i am thankful for today

pork knuckles for lunch with aunty soo hoong, dad, leon, pastor gladwin, kwang meng. farewell lunch for leon … at the paulner german restaurant at conrad hotel there 🙂 it was just nice getting to know them even more. hahas i liked it. talking about anything under the sun was fun. 

second thing… doing the posters and cause of that i got to meet other youths reuben and snel n lynette. and got to talk to them for quite awhile. so it was just fun getting to know them 

1-2 things that hurt me or something along that line

erm i didnt like thinking that im always second… like im always people’s second choice…like im not good enough to be first… cause they were like saying ask leon to be part of their leader and i wasnt really considered first. so just tired of always being second…like im never good enough



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