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lemon bars

29 Jul

Lemon Bars


prayer, hope , wish

29 Jul

God i want a solution to solve the problem of making newcomers feel welcomed. Not really knowing anybody or knowing a few people but all in different cliques and not really knowing the rest. Somehow it seems like the problem still stands… and it has never gone away. 

Left in awe

15 Jul

i always dont know what to put as the title. but im still glad that this blog is still quite private. 🙂 Anyways i’ve grown so much over a period of 3 months. Getting opportunities i would not have been given anywhere else. SOOO HAPPY THANK YOU GOD U ROCK!! Got to be in the ministry team where u just follow God and feel sooo happy giving and enjoying his presence. Its not about praying for people’s needs but just overflowing with Holy Spirit. That honeslty means everything to me because God is ruling and doing whatever He wants to do and no one can and wants to stop Him. AWESOME. Im still in awe of everything that happened in fusion 2012 and on sunday where the lady fell and i didnt do a good job catching hahas. But i had fun!!!! Enjoying Him and His presence and everything about Him.