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two things

27 Apr

First i learnt from a p5 girl… God created the heavens and the earth… Adam and eve sinned…thats why we needed to be saved…

3 phrases but its simple and yet profound. 

Second… from servant to friendship to child …its our understanding of Him and our position in Him.

servant because submission of our mind-only whatever is given is theirs and not everything that the owner owns. 

friendship because building of the relationship-there is a share of the abundance. but there is a need to ask for permission to take it.

child submission in the relationship-everything not just in terms of the inheritance for him. Simply because whatever is the father’s is his so he understands that it is ready to be taken anytime.



Thoughts on grace

18 Apr

Grace. It simply boggles my mind. We say it like we understand and yet if u were to listen to a person’s conversion we seem to input thoughts of our own. As and when we like. I wish I knew… Then I would know when the grace seems to stop and judgement takes its place. Did u know that although God showed grace he never actually talked about it in a specific topic? It puzzles me. Why not… U see I thought its cause if He did and they rejected it, then they couldn’t get the grace… For their protection  But u see God chose to harden their hearts I think that’s why they are given grace…  Why I think the. They is the pharisees is because everyone thought they were the best in the eyes of God… If we read it from a point of view that we are us and not his disciples and it doesn’t make sense. You’re right. But u see these teachers of the law, men whom were praised by other men known to be some of the smartest people were not part of branches connected to the vine but instead the people who were classified as not smart as poor for some…lowly fishermen were HIS DISCIPLES AND GREAT N THE KINGDOM OF GOD.  He was encouraging them.


8 Apr

I wonder what does a mentor do…I’ve had leaders but never someone I could look up to nor even someone to simply share my thoughts with. I have friends but not mentors. I’ve had people with the leader tag but not someone whom I could give the mentor tag to. Even after 5 years of having the same leader… She has simply stayed as my leader simply because she is in charge of me. It was out of responsibility and not really out of passion or love or anying other factor. So I honestly wonder what does a mentor do? I have never been one neither do I have one. I’m sure it increases the growth rapidly … Soo God I guess send me one please?


4 Apr

Jesus is a child? Servant and child  Minister and child Children are the best ministers…  He is teaching us how to be the ministers God wants us to be. Children ministers. Ge – done the end


2 Apr

The need to be receptive to the importance of kids in God’s kingdom. Because they are able to do things that many adults will take a long time to accomplish simply because of their openness n willingness as children and they seem to have a special doorway? Into the kingdom …. And we should tap in n learn from them rather than we do things ourselves n include them in later. They will be able to have the jump start many people only dream of having and here we are pushing them away and taking things step by step when these kids will be able to multiply the outpouring of the Spirit many more times than our leaders and pastors of the church.