Learnt something 31 march 2012

31 Mar

So many times we aren’t sensitive to Him because we aren’t impressed with His impressions.  Just think its sad I guess… That we aren’t impressed with the small ones… Only if we give it a try and see the results then we are impressed and it builds faith.  But to me a small impression can build just as much or even more than a big one…. I’m not saying that a strong impression is not good I’m simply saying that so many times we miss out on the things of Him simply because we aren’t impressed by how He tells us…. It isn’t impressive enough.  We gotta change the way we view His impressions… Like a little kid when u tell him that it’s his turn to heal people he believes that everything he hears is from God because its his turn. And he gets it spot on. God healed all the people that he prayed for. Simply because he believed that everything he heard during that point of time was from God.  So if we have a mindset that God is always telling us something and that everything we hear is from Him…of course we after cleansing our mind then we will become sensitive bit by bit and because we then see the things of Him we become impressed by His impressions because of the things that we see when we listen to both the weak and the strong impressions.

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