Though for today

26 Mar

To me…if u don’t do it…don’t say it is something other people lack. That’s it….simply put. Getting tired of hearing different people opening their mouths but at the end it’s all just mindless talk… Nobody tries it out for themselves. Tired…. I think all I feel like doing is soaking and doing the things I want to do…sighs but guess I’m moving too fast because people keep telling me wait… It’s not the time or wait I can’t go or wait…. Some things I know I have to wait and others i feel like I’m just waiting for other people to be ready cause I shouldn’t explore on my own. Someone once told me u don’t need to go to the hospital to heal the sick u can do it with the people around u. I agree. But your family and friends are always so much harder because u are closer to them … So why not have a 100 people that God can heal and be there to watch Him and be used by Him? I wanted to try …when I went to the mall…but I got scared… But I don’t mind… I don’t need to hospital… I just want a place so I can see Him love… Where u don’t have to share but u get to learn how to love from the master Himself. Good enough for me… It becomes a place where u can grow your faith and learn how to listen and work with Him and watch Him do the things He always wants to do for u and me. Love the people who need it and at the same time we also get to meet Him. See His nature, His heart and get to want our heart to be like His so that we’d want to change the way we love to His love. That changes our dreams and our character.

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