Kingdom invasion

17 Mar

hahas i had my FIRST HEALING COMMANDING Thing today!! since yesterday we were taught to command instead of praying…. so i tried commanding it was super cool lol…. my ears burned lol literally for quite a long time 15 mins? or so? when i was commanding healing for leon’s azhema? butttt i made mistakes…found out later shalll remember and do it next time! hahas God was good though He still did it! hehehehs Thank u DADDY LOVE U MUACKS ! anyways okay so far i made 2 mistakes…shalll keep track here… first Jesus said to cleanse the lepers so i should have commanded for cleansing or ask? idk i’ll command till i get the ans πŸ™‚ next mistake was cause my ears burned more than the rest of my face i should have took it as an indication and prayed or commanded healing for the ears too! Hahas but i know Daddy will still grant it!! Despite my mistakes! Its okie i shall get better !!

Lol i think i was more excited than leon hahas…like i wanted to try healing everybody in the expo hall…

anyways i commanded once than he felt it was smoother (left side) so we commanded again(right side of face) then i felt my ears burning thn a third time(both sides i think) since it was still there… but my second whatever i did…maybe i was listening to Daddy the best at that point of time my ears burned! Thn we commanded for another part of the face near the eyes then i could and i felt my ears burn a little bit and the skin was alot better…


another thing for me to remember is when commanding for healing the commanding of new cells and like just say it once or twice i mean as long as you dont drag it πŸ™‚

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