10 Mar

Daddy if im reasoning abt u… cause it sounds like i am… thn maybe i should stop? Dont wana become like those who reason thn no faith always need to reason n thn we dont believe or accept U for who U are and always try to reason it out on things of u… everything reason…if i am im sorry and yet i think i wna finish it…

Healing…i get why God heals us but my qn is how come some of us arent and there are those who are in love with God like totally in love and dont get healed.
There is one thing though… and i always wanted to make sure i remember cause i forget many times…never put God in a formula… I know He is an amazing God and Daddy and His ways are beyond HUMAN COMPREHENSION but i also believe that if i truly desire to learn more about Him and His ways and if i learn with my Spirit rather than my mind i believe it is comprehendable… i dont know about ALL THINGS maybe now isnt the right time for me to know and i understand but some part of it i know He will tell me.
His word states that in mark 11:24 and in isaiah 53:5 both tells me that I will be healed… ‘Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.'(NKJV) in the NIV it states that I WILL HAVE THEM so to me it means I WILL HAVE THEM of course i need to accomplish the above steps to receive it in my body. and that BY HIS STRIPES I AM HEALED not will be or maybe but I ALREADY AM whether i want to accept it or not its my prob… So with trying not to put MY DADDY in a formula i think He told me two reasons… im not saying that im right cause im not sure i have listened wrongly and it may not be the only reasons… But i wanted to know so i asked(meaning i talked to Him about it) Him anyway…

so one is when you are praying for yrself and whn ppl pray for u your faith matters … without faith not the level of faith but when you are doubting then when u pray u dont believe that u will receive the healing… and in order to claim mark 11:24 the ‘believe that you receive them,’ just means faith … and faith in romans 10:17 ‘ So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.’ (NKJV) but i like the NLT version too which states ‘ So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.’ (linking to the preach the good news) so to me i see it as this ”Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, ((have faith which comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God) so that when u pray u will have the faith that comes from your heart not your mind then u can do the believe that you receive them) believe that you receive them, and you will have them.'(so that you will have them). Thats why i think your faith matters and thats why i think without it then when u are praying for yourself it may not work.

the gift of healing…for me i think as much as a person benefits from each gift that Daddy gives…to me there are 2 ppl the ‘user’ and ‘receiver of the person who receives the healing in this case’ as we are all given the gift there is a need to practice each gift… and so that may be why some arent healed when other ppl pray for them due to our human nature. Our ability to know how to tap into the fullness of the gifts (connecting to our Spirit who is in her fullness/his fullness) is not yet become an ‘expert’ and still needs practice… thinking that faith is still underlying all of this so u still need faith 🙂 and because we practice not only in being able to know how to use the gifts but also in healing different parts of the body.

Daddy’s own supernatural choice … i dont mean that all healings arent supernatural …to me every single is but rather He chooses to Heal u supernaturally cause He chooses to…the reasons hahas well differs i suppose well can ask Him for it.

So maybe you’ve been asking and you have the faith then for me I think Daddy always wants to grant the desires of your heart and It is also a promise  which u can claim because by His stripes we are healed so maybe the healing has not yet been manifested in our physical body. And like go ask diff ppl who are anointed in the gift to heal u…Go receive the gift that Daddy has given u but i think sometimes when we see that other ppl arent healed and they are lovers of God we ask why but who knows maybe their desire was just to love Him ? and they healing in that part of the body didnt become important anymore because they were so full of Him and it was something that didnt really matter to them. 


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