thought…preaching the gospel

4 Mar

we are made in Daddy’s image and since our Daddy is the same yesterday today and tomorrow then in some sense the people yesterday, today and tomorrow are the same too. I mean we are not totally the same but we are still made in Daddy’s image… So if the methods of preaching the gospel worked 2000 years ago and our Daddy is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and we are made in His image why shouldnt the exact same methods be the ones we use today?!?! If not then Holy Spirit tell them to write all those things in the bible for what if it didnt matter 2000 years later… I mean we follow the commandments, many other things like the spiritual gifts and the things Daddy has taught us but we say there is a need to come up with new methods and disregard the old ones when it comes to evangelising? I think the new methods are fine but we forgot the basics which should be the basis of preaching the gospel and how and what and why. And im sure He wrote all those methods in the bible for us to use even years later…He is smarter and more up-to-date than we think after all He made us and He knows how to reach out to every single one of us. So im sure His methods are the best yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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