Just food no thought required

3 Mar

I learn from God when i speak aloud and somewhat teach myself about the things I have already learnt about God…. I mean I learn from Him through many other ways too but to me this is the best method or most used method. 

Learnt alot of things today about Him but one major thing is that the purpose of being baptised in Holy Spirit is the anointing of being able to love like God does… Because if not i dont think we will ever be able to love like He does. I guess for me it means the anointing of love the way God loves. 


Question to rmb incase i forget… does Holy Spirit have faith? I think its a yes if not how can He give it away? IN some sense because God and Holy Spirit are same same but different Holy Spirit in its fullness has faith in God… in order to do the things that He needs to do or that God or Jesus says to do… read the part about Holy Spirit does the things that God or Jesus says to do in kenneth hagin book How to be led by the Spirit of God pg 98 that whatever Holy Spirit speaks is not of Himself but whatever He hears that shall He speak. So when He hears God or Jesus speak then He will repeat…cause Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God and the three are one and one in three 

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