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Learnt something 31 march 2012

31 Mar

So many times we aren’t sensitive to Him because we aren’t impressed with His impressions.  Just think its sad I guess… That we aren’t impressed with the small ones… Only if we give it a try and see the results then we are impressed and it builds faith.  But to me a small impression can build just as much or even more than a big one…. I’m not saying that a strong impression is not good I’m simply saying that so many times we miss out on the things of Him simply because we aren’t impressed by how He tells us…. It isn’t impressive enough.  We gotta change the way we view His impressions… Like a little kid when u tell him that it’s his turn to heal people he believes that everything he hears is from God because its his turn. And he gets it spot on. God healed all the people that he prayed for. Simply because he believed that everything he heard during that point of time was from God.  So if we have a mindset that God is always telling us something and that everything we hear is from Him…of course we after cleansing our mind then we will become sensitive bit by bit and because we then see the things of Him we become impressed by His impressions because of the things that we see when we listen to both the weak and the strong impressions.

Though for today

26 Mar

To me…if u don’t do it…don’t say it is something other people lack. That’s it….simply put. Getting tired of hearing different people opening their mouths but at the end it’s all just mindless talk… Nobody tries it out for themselves. Tired…. I think all I feel like doing is soaking and doing the things I want to do…sighs but guess I’m moving too fast because people keep telling me wait… It’s not the time or wait I can’t go or wait…. Some things I know I have to wait and others i feel like I’m just waiting for other people to be ready cause I shouldn’t explore on my own. Someone once told me u don’t need to go to the hospital to heal the sick u can do it with the people around u. I agree. But your family and friends are always so much harder because u are closer to them … So why not have a 100 people that God can heal and be there to watch Him and be used by Him? I wanted to try …when I went to the mall…but I got scared… But I don’t mind… I don’t need to hospital… I just want a place so I can see Him love… Where u don’t have to share but u get to learn how to love from the master Himself. Good enough for me… It becomes a place where u can grow your faith and learn how to listen and work with Him and watch Him do the things He always wants to do for u and me. Love the people who need it and at the same time we also get to meet Him. See His nature, His heart and get to want our heart to be like His so that we’d want to change the way we love to His love. That changes our dreams and our character.


26 Mar

Xanga works better on my iPad than on my computer… Lol fail… Hahas both apple somemore. Although I wish I could turn off the dictionary feature. I guess I still don’t like it when I’m treated like I’m dumb when it comes to the things of God. I don’t think I even know like 10% of the things of him… I know I’m definitely lacking in like tons of stuff… I can tell when I read… I don’t remember things very well… But I get annoyed when I’m treated like a small kid who is dumb and ignorant when it comes to the things of Him… Although I don’t know a lot or even a little when I think about it… Hahas… I know do know a little… Don’t just assume because u are older and apparently wiser u can push me off… He teaches me things too…maybe it’s not the same amount but still… Haix irritated at the adults…not all just those who ignore what youths say because it doesn’t seem to matter since we are younger and lack the knowledge people have after going to church or school for years…

Test try

26 Mar

Test try

Kingdom invasion

17 Mar

hahas i had my FIRST HEALING COMMANDING Thing today!! since yesterday we were taught to command instead of praying…. so i tried commanding it was super cool lol…. my ears burned lol literally for quite a long time 15 mins? or so? when i was commanding healing for leon’s azhema? butttt i made mistakes…found out later shalll remember and do it next time! hahas God was good though He still did it! hehehehs Thank u DADDY LOVE U MUACKS ! anyways okay so far i made 2 mistakes…shalll keep track here… first Jesus said to cleanse the lepers so i should have commanded for cleansing or ask? idk i’ll command till i get the ans 🙂 next mistake was cause my ears burned more than the rest of my face i should have took it as an indication and prayed or commanded healing for the ears too! Hahas but i know Daddy will still grant it!! Despite my mistakes! Its okie i shall get better !!

Lol i think i was more excited than leon hahas…like i wanted to try healing everybody in the expo hall…

anyways i commanded once than he felt it was smoother (left side) so we commanded again(right side of face) then i felt my ears burning thn a third time(both sides i think) since it was still there… but my second whatever i did…maybe i was listening to Daddy the best at that point of time my ears burned! Thn we commanded for another part of the face near the eyes then i could and i felt my ears burn a little bit and the skin was alot better…


another thing for me to remember is when commanding for healing the commanding of new cells and like just say it once or twice i mean as long as you dont drag it 🙂


13 Mar

John 14:12
[ The Answered Prayer ] “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.

Just want to remember this…it builds faith to believe in the the impossible just because He promised us! Its something that you can claim and He is and will continuing doing!

one voice

12 Mar

i dont like the fact that we insult people on their voices…whether they can sing or whether they have the pitch or whatever… nobody deserves that…u can have your own opinions on whether u like pop or rock or all the diff types of genres but dont ever try to continually suggest auto tuning or that they arent good at singing…because to me its their voice that God has given them so stop it. Playing instruments… not as many comments except things that at the end of the day can be changed … fast or slow can change we all need practice but if u continually have the need to auto tune people to make it sound nicer than dont have a worship team… because then we bring others down rather than bringing them up