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New thought?

25 Feb

I know that we are suppose to evangelise to people and i dont find anything wrong with that. After all Daddy tells us we g


why is it He who believes and is baptized will be saved … but he who does not believe will be condemned … is it to clarify the process? that there are two? but is it not simultaneously or at least immediately one after the other? why must there be such a specific clarification? and why he who does not believe and not believe and is not baptized…lol but that part makes sense cause without believing u cant be baptized…so does that mean with believing you may not be baptized?

mark 16:16 


preaching the presence and the power of Jesus Christ. the gospel preaching the gospel ….

the crucifixion and the rising up-power



how does one preach the presence and the power of Jesus? I know we are suppose to work in Him, with Him, through Him that already gives us the power and the presence of Jesus..Cause we welcomed Him there…  


12 Feb

i still dont like staying in a place where i get hurt every week…