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phase of life

21 Oct

I guess i have different phases of life, where i like different songs and worship teams. Right now its jesus culture, somehow despite the fact that alot of their songs arent really catchy at first but there is a difference in their songs that i just cant explain. Their entire atmosphere i suppose, heart and soul…? im not really sure… but there is something more that is in their songs besides what we are comfortable with now. This is going to push ppl to the next level. Not the song but the way Daddy moves in them. The freedom in their song… is something we have to learn, because that means even the song we sing Daddy can move. He is free to move and we let Him move. Freedom in our worship… 

Dont know…camp

7 Oct

why do we ask Him to come but make Him fit into our accommodations / ‘settings’ rather than asking Him what is His and fitting into them?If we really want Him to come shouldnt all we want is to fit into His?rather than say instead use our ‘mistakes’ and change them into something good when we knowingly never even bothered about You when we were making those choices. And say immediately after if those are mistakes then nevermind cause He will always change it to make it okay.