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No words

23 Sep

You know what i dont get? We fly more than 24 hours(about 30 ) to come all the way to toronto and we leave super early every night leave halfway …and we seem to lackk like hunger after the service officially ends. Im not saying during it, but when it ends we just leave -.- gee and how do we expected everybody else not to react -.- arughhhh i dunno …im not pissed honestly, just like seems a waste of time n ppl money to fly all the way here and then sleep-.- i get it they are old -.- tired-.- i dont expected them to not have jet lag … but u know it seems pointless to say lets go and spend sooo much time at the bookstore… books can be bought online sheesh but Him u cant get Him online … He is already there and you go -.- haix i give up …

The next time im going …(im not angry really) i need friends honestly… not that they arent friendly or what but i need people and only them like we drive n stuff leave at our own time and just soakkk it all in…feels like im some small kid and they are just a bunch of old ppl who experienced it all and can just leave.

Welll….lol need to go toilet hahhas ….lol unc gona tell u read this cause erm one u’ll proobably wake up around 12 pm( its like 11:24 pm yr time now) and by the time u wake up ill just say goodnight n go sleep…

 plus note i experienced cool things today and it was a really interesting experience…

you dont pray for healing you just heal ….

parable of the lost coin…why the coin? cause its an inanimate object that cannot find do anything to help the lady it. 


13 Sep

as in the building US capital rotunda…


13 Sep

Yesterday 13 sept… hmm to be honest i didnt realise it but i tried lol emphasis on the tried cause i dunno i had faith at that point of time honestly but it was more of like i know he will be healed… but i wasnt there it was over the phone and i prayed for healing although it was just suppose to be part of the prayer chain…but i tried…. lol and wasnt thinking about it… SOOOO GOD HEAL HIM KAE!!!!THANK YOU FOR HEALING HIM

on another note 14 sept at 1.08 am saw washington DC

wed 8 sep 2011

8 Sep

last night i saw myself on a train again with beautiful scenery but dunno where i was going…

then in the morning i saw something but i dunno what but i know my hands were tingly lol laughinglaughinglaughing

random thought

8 Sep

There is nothing wrong with asking to be in His presence… but we gotta believe it and only then He’ll come. 

But i think we can just sing that we are ALREADY IN HIS PRESENCE and then it’ll work just as well… hahas singing in faith man… heartheartheartheartheartheart think that is such an important part… Doing it in faith…. just like laughing in faith same concept….

rest in HIM

8 Sep

This is another one of my favourite places where i can come to sort out my thoughts. One of the things that have been bugging me recently is that how does one explain what we are suppose to do when we rest in God. I know how to do it (of course im still learning) but how do i explain it without making it seem that it doesnt mean we arent doing anything in our terms on serving God.

All we do is rest in him then we can work with Him and work in Him( resting with and in Him) and then we can get everything accomplished. But see without   doing all of that we cant accomplish anything… cause we are working separately. So that got me thinking on when you work with people trust is needed to make the relationship work… so do we trust Him? cause i think once the trust factor is completed thats another milestone that becomes accomplished. So how to accomplish that trust factor? 

i think another part of our path to even walking that He wants us to do or maybe it just me is that TRYING  to give up control over ourselves so that He can take our everything if not then we want to experience Him without loving Him sooo much that we are willing to give up everything. 


Here’s the deal… there are many ways to work with Him but i think in Him there is only one way right now….till i know more.

But knowing which way we need to use to work with Him is a whole new different process. SO WE NEED TO ask Him what and which process to use and then we’ll know how to get there. Which transportation to take in order to travel along the SAME PATH TO GET TO THE SAME DESTINATION. You see they are all wonderful methods and ways that He has given us but just because they are all correct doesnt mean it should be used to travel for that path. Just because its the same path doesnt mean all the ways of transportation are viable, thus we need to ask Him which method of transportation should be used. You see the same destination doesnt mean all the transportation is viable as well. Thus there is such a great need for us to ask Him. 

Resting in Him – our mode of transportation… then walking will be our mode of transportation…and finally running… 


sep 2 2011

3 Sep

i know yesterday i dunno if its like i was trying to see or watch for his answer cause i asked if he had anything to tell me i think but i think i saw a box / tv ( always reminds me of a tv) and yellow.

sep 3 2011

3 Sep

I saw a bunch of those wheely office big black chairs at a table. Like those kind of conference table and i think it was brown n oval. no one was sitting in the chairs and in the middle of the table there was like those crystal cigarettes holders. and if i covered my eyes during the time i couldnt see anything all i saw was blue and my eyes became hot. It was a really long time.