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daddy in heaven

3 Aug

Hey God … i learnt something new today but im not sure if its correct sooo i gotta check with u of course n leon in case i dont listen…hehes…. You are the HEAD and we are the BODY yet right now it seems like we have been doing it the opposite way…making You the BODY and us the HEAD which shouldnt be it! cause its You who direct us not we plan everything and then only the things that we cannot control we ask You to make it work. We cant… we cant carry on this way!!! someone needs to tell us that we are doing it wrongly and that it should we are sooooo in tune that we know immediately what You want us to do then we do it or if we arent that in tune then we gotta ask You and listen to You. Instead of what we are doing right now. 

Second part we made ourselves the prime minister and You the president cause well, the president is just for show. But its the prime minister who does everything … but God You are suppose to be both!!! We are like your cabinet and er public?well basically your servants. Haix… why do we seem to do everything the opposite way?

thirdly… what do You want me to do in life? hahahas as i was saying earlier today, i’d rather You just throw everything in my way and surprise me 😛 but apparently everybody wants me to ask You first and plan… haix okay… lol i get their point too… so what do You want me to do in my life?and should i go Rhema?

i dont want to be a missionary overseas cause im those type that will miss home… dont really want to be a pastor cause welll singapore system doesnt really work… want to have a group of people who i work well with and they dont change throughout my life…or at least not huge changes and i dont want to be a baker cause well i’ll get bored. I’ve got to have something interesting everyday or every once in a while….i want to constantly be learning about things im interested in… if its about You i think it’ll be fun:) sooo what do You want me to do?


lolll FIFA

2 Aug

times like this makes me wish i had written down what had happened…..its like even the people which i did not say aloud well… i dunno if i agree with some cause i honestly dont know…