random thoughts

29 Aug

i have several things which i need to do but i wanted to do this first. 🙂

Dear menses, i really wonder what would happen if guys have it, I think it’ll be rather amusing actually, different people with different symptoms to tell them that its here and prepare for its arrival. The mood swings, the cramps and those heavy days where it can be a bother just to move around or even stay in one place. Not to mention the fact that it’ll be here for a long time and when it wants to go away it’ll throw a going away party by making you have the same symptoms it has when it comes. Dear menses, ill admit it can be useful to use you as a bonding topic, because its something every female will have. Even then no one’s menses is the same. You are all different and special in your own special way. So i think ill thank you for appearing but i do wish it could be once every year instead of once every month, because then i think it’ll make life just a little more fun 😛


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