20 Aug

I saw this last night i was going somewhere, i was moving quite fast.

later on not connected i saw words( no clue what words they were thought) then a i saw a beautiful flower Hibiscus with the thingy in the middle. It turned blue and white and i dunno what other colours, red maybe and before each time the flower changed colour… i saw yellow flame-like shaped(its not a flower). after which i saw a two one people, one guy and girl but they were cartoon not real life… then suddenly came a third man out of no where in the background. And there was a twinkling thing that came like a blue glow and it went inside the third man(i think… cause i rmb thinking the third man got shot. by the twinkling thing.then i woke up.

but somehow later when i got up, i remember there was a part(that maybe wasnt either of the two) where i thought that i was wondering whether that was God’s answer… but i cant really rmb my qn…think it was something about how to reteach the gospel then?

second thought of the afternoon…

won’t you lord
take a look at our hands
everything we have
use it for ur plan

won’t you lord
take a look at our heart
mold it, refine it
as you set us apart

we want to run to the altar
and catch the fire
to stand in the gap (understood it in a new way)
between the living and the death
give us a heart of compassion
for a world without vision
we will make a difference
bringing hope to our land

we will answer the call
to build this church without wall
let your glory be shown
bring salvations to the lord 


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