talking to my daddy

19 Aug

Dear God, i think there are many things in life that i have yet to understand but those that i understand right now, somehow i wish i was able to say it out rather than phrase it in a question and sound really dumb. I ask whether You can speak through a person in a meeting without having to pray and listen… but i already know You can cause You’ve done it a few times in me 🙂 and it surprises me on the things i learn when i hear myself. Sometimes i wonder if i dont ask…then will i ever be able to communicate my thoughts? If i do communicate it… does it really matter since we are living in a place where hierarchy is the most basic thing and often people who are younger are thought not to have the most amount of knowledge about You due to our age. 

Although one thing that i still havent forgotten about is that to me the gospel will always be two parts. First part is Your love(Your story) and the second part is the experience. because everything about You is love as You are love. However teaching love is not enough… rather teaching about You is not enough. We have to stop using ourselves to teach and to let You teach. I always thought that experience is separate after or before the story as there are always healing rallies and then the teaching of the Gospel but i think i wasnt looking at it properly. the gospel in essence is about Your love… the two parts are still there and there is still a great importance. for without it it wouldnt work. But here’s the thing… We always needed a spiritual experience after because You werent teaching. But when You teach in essence that is how teaching about Your love and experiencing Your love should happen. It should always be a simultaneous thing rather than the separate thing that we have made it out to be.

Teaching the gospel… the problem is now whether there is a need to teach it properly or to redo the whole entire thing. The gospel is one of the layers of the soil/ base of the building we cant add on we have to break it and rebuild. But thats through tongues…

But the one thing that puzzles me is that how did i build mine in that case since i spoke tongues after the experiences. Unless i didnt have a foundation in the first place… then i didnt need the rebuilding. All i had to do was build it.

sheldon is right… we need to teach it but i really wonder if its telling Your story from our mouths. I dont think thats the case. Then God how do we teach the gospel? I always thought it was fulfilling the second half 


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