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just a thought

1 Jul

Since we are his sheep and He is the shepherd then we are to follow His voice yes and His direction: each part of the flock has leaders and because some of us are the leaders over the younger ones of the flock before we lead we need to listen to the shepherd and follow where the other sheep are going as well lest we get lost. Like He is the head and we are the body, the body doesnt lead the head, the head leads the body… in fact not only does the head lead the head decides what the body should do and if not the body does not do anything… thats how our human body works anyway thats what i thought …. unless…. our human body does the leading and our mind has to stop it…. then we are doing things that are in tune with our head…and then the body gets jumbled up and confused. If there is a war with the flesh against our soul then is not our body able to control our soul? Both ways the flesh can control the soul but the soul can control the flesh … once crucifying the flesh we can connect…then whoosh thn its not just outwardly but inwardly connected the right way. 

well i guess to me cause although we say our mind is in control there are many times where it doesnt make sense to say that our mind is in control. Cause if we could control it then i think we would be able to control alot of things that we do or sya… but sudden thought time!!!!! mind and emotions are different? as in do u remember if there is a verse that states what love the Lord your God with all your heart soul and mind? thennnnnnnn ITS DIFF AS IN LIKE OUR EMOTIONS CANN CONTROL US RIGHT N NOT OUR MIND. OKAY NOW THAT WE GOT THAT SETTLED. THEN WHERE DOES THE BODY COME IN?