18 Apr

Dear God today i did something i havent done in a really long time…i read other people’s blogs and not the ones they know people are going to read but rather those that were more personal like a diary. It felt sad…although they were reaching out to you , they didnt seem to hear your reply or your help and they felt helpless and alone. Although i dont know what their relationship is like with you now since its been a few months but i do hope its gotten better God. I’ven been learning that although we say we want to surrender doesnt mean we are actually surrendering if we only surrender a part of what we need to and we are not able to surrender the rest. Then all the gifts You have for them God wont be as much or sometimes even none at all in the terms of spiritual gifts. Its sadd… i talked to a friend recently, and he wanted to experience what me and unc had but he wasnt able to give up his mind to You and so him surrendering didnt work to that extent.haix… sad sometimes, when i read or hear about it, or even hearing on how people felt You for the entire service time but as soon as they left the chapel You just poofed, vanished into thin air like as if You were never there. but God they should be able to experience feeling You in such a heavy and wonderful and absolutely amazing way that they would want to linger in the chapel just cause You are there and even after they leave they still feel You…But that isnt explainable i guess… that it is possible feeling You even after the service is over…but if it is then i wana try explaining it kae.Please God?

I also learnt about our tones, and our words how they honestly affect people and especially when using Your name it can to quite a large amount of damage is there isnt any damage control dont to fix it.Our tones…im not sure but it just feels different.When certain people say things like pastor Jon, it doesnt sound wrong or rather there is wisdom in whatever he says and it honestly makes sense and doesnt sound bias but rather willing to check about the situation before jumping to conclusions and when using the bible, it comes with wisdom as well and not taken out of context.I dont know why but God it sounds like You are there in whatever words comes out of their mouths.But for others, i seem to question more and i dont like the tones of their voices because it sounds bias and they havent gotten to go so far as to ensure without jumping to conclusions and their tones just doesnt sound like it has You.Im not saying it doesnt God, but rather dunno they just sound different.So God , i want to ask you to mold me into like the first type of person, whose words come out with wisdom and doesnt jump to conclusions and doesnt take scriptures out of context and neither does it missue Your name and constantly asks You about everything before even saying a small sentence.And the tone, i pray for the right tone, that when i say i will treat the other person with respect.

God last bits but not the least i pray for all the youths , You help them kae, show them how much You love them and i want to pray for a revival God that You come and take over this place!!heartThan You for everything that You have done and shown me and I love You heartheartheart

In Jesus name i pray




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