8 Apr

Dear diary, 

last night for the life of me i had such a hard time sleeping cause i wanted to sleep but everytime i closed my eyes i felt like i was flying and i couldnt sleep if not i plain old could not sleep . So i closed my eyes n flew but my flying was diff dunno like this morning i felt i was like off the ground even though i could feel my sofa and all i saw was black with white flames(spots) moving everywhere. And i was wondering why cause i didnt ask but after seeing that i opened my eyes and fell asleep later. I couldnt understand it i asked him twice the first time in the morning i got nothing then i tried later i fell asleep due to me waking up at 730 after sleeping at 230 hahas i prayed asking for either further insight or more sleep . well i obviously got the latter but hahas it was nice happy. At first i thought it was sparklers then when i played sparklers that night for shakila’s birthday i knew it wasnt it the flame was orange and it looked different. So i prayed at night at i sensed , welll i learnt that i did not have to see things but i knew they were happening . I thought it was my imagination but i found it weird cause im not the person to imagine what i saw then my dad came back so i was asking him how to tell its not your imagination and he told me to tell other people. If they can confirm it with you with the Holy spirit as the guide of course then it is. So i was describing how i knew that there was someone throwing balls of light towards a dragon and just hitting it but i didnt see it in front of me so i was wondering how i knew and if it was my imagination. Lol then he asked me were u thinking of dragons i was like no, then it isnt.  hahahas i should have guessed i guess but still… must check. so thats how i learnt that one can sense it even if i wasnt thinking it.



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