conference 3

30 Mar

Today’s conference was awesome?amazing? lol i dont even know what are the words that i can use to describe it but i do know the experiences will stay and i want more.This morning as i was singing i felt a gentle push as i was standing and before i hit the chair i stopped myself.But then i thought it was just me so i tried making myself ‘fall’ but it failed!! It was just different, as gentle as a breeze i had a mini fall nice one.The second experience was the angels singing! I heard it on the left side super loud and super cool harmonious and nice and just sounds like there were people in the room singing but we werent!! After that all the singing sounded like it was wayy more than 800 people it was like what ken said stadium filled singing!!For those who heard the singing they went to the front( i was there too!!!) and we bowed down and prayed i was pray and i tried to speak in tongues just pushed myself to try it and after praying finished i stood up abit confused as to what to do next.I continued bowing down and i heard voices near me that was nice and loud ut the guy beside me wasnt singing and it wasnt a man’s voice and the lady on my left didnt sound like it came from her because i heard what i thought was her voice. It was seriously cool and amazing!!Something i dont think i could have ever imagined with my own eyes!I saw pastor Ruben walk to a chair in the rows and i followed him since he wasnt able to get back to his original seat as well because people filled the aisles.And i heard one song but everybody was singing different words and phrases and melodies but it sounded beautiful together and there was a back up choir(the angels) that just made it super beautiful!!

After that it was ascending into the third heaven! at first after she pray for each of us to make sure our minds are clear and imaginations did not work at that point of time and we repented of everything i saw a room with a cabinet diagonally across me and the light wasnt on but i saw three windows and they had white curtains and the light was shinning in through all 3.Then i saw two mouths one after the other both wide open and i could see all the teeth. The second part of it when she asked us to just go and be still and go into the third heaven. At first all i saw was pitch black then all of a sudden i felt dizzy and suddenly i felt like i was on a aeroplane flyingg and that is still super cool to me and i saw white then suddenly i saw yellow blurry shapes floating across then it just became totally white then i started to fly again then all i saw was white and i flew again to white n yellow and i opened my eyes cause she ended.We went into spirit led worship and i closed my eyes and saw white and red dots!I asked God a few question like what the room was about and how to change us and if there was anything He wanted me to take back i didnt get my answers after awhile so then i opened my eyes.


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